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04 May 2017

Monogram Boots Tutorial for Cricut Design Space

When I was creating the monogram boots file, I thought it might be to complicated to let you create your own multiple color file from a single color file.
So I added a file you can cut in multiple colors for both boots.

In this tutorial I will explain how to make your files ready to cut.
The file can be found here: 

The first file is a single color file to cut the boot in one color. The monogram text could be cut in another color. (the font is not included)
I think you all know how to cut this. If you are new to this, please contact me and I will explain or make a tutorial.
The difference between these 2 boots is only the monogram space, the circle of the brown boot is a little bigger.

The second file is a file in parts and lets make it ready to cut.

Open the SVG file in Cricut Design Space.
In this tutorial you can read how to open an SVG file: http://dutchsvgdesigns.blogspot.nl/2016/06/how-to-import-svg-file-in-cricut-design.html

Select the image, right click and ungroup

Select one of the boots and hit Delete, so we can work with 1 boot.

First add your monogram text. If you only want to learn from this tutorial, adding text is not necessary.
Select the parts you would like to have in one color.
You can do that on the boot and while selecting you hold the shift key.
Or you can select parts on the right side panel, also holding the shift key.
I prefer selecting parts on the image for the first color.
Start with the smaller parts, you will have an better overview.

Once you have selected the parts you would like in one color, right click and weld

You will see your welded parts on top of the right panel.
Give it another color to keep an overview and to see if you didn't forget a part.
Did you forget a part? Select the part you forgot and the part you just welded and weld again.

Choose the parts for the second color, the best way to do this is at the right panel to prevent selecting the parts you just welded.
Did you select all the parts for the second color? Right click, weld and give it an color.
If you would like to use 3 or more colors, repeat the steps.

This is my image now. Not that I want to use those colors, but I have an overview.

Do you want to print and cut, choose the colors you like.

Now you can hit the GO button if you want to cut.

Do you know why we welded the parts? The parts will be cut on the right place. It will be a hell of a puzzle after cutting if we didn't.....

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me or ask your question below.
Do you want a tutorial for your software? Please let me know!


  1. Sample of monogram boots tutorial for cricut design space, you like shared here. Well! Those who are direct or indirect involve industry of boots then must take a look of this post to get ideas. Actually, I try this kind of tutorial to make it possible. Thanks for it.