27 May 2016

Why are JPG and PNG files black and white

If you make an order at my Etsy shop, you are able to download a ZIP file after payment.
In this file are JPG and PNG files in black and white/transparent and some people asked why.
Because I make cutting files, I made the JPG and PNG files black and white because these files are better to trace.
Do you want them colored for use as a printable or anything else? Please contact me and I will make the colors you want!

02 May 2016

Using SVG and EPS files in more than one color

Some extra information on my layered SVG and EPS files:
Depending on the software you use, you sometimes need to degroup before you can cut in more than one color.
In most software you can choose this option (degroup) if you right click on the selected image.
Now you can move parts to cut by color.
Do you want a file in one color, leave it as it is.

If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to contact me!