06 October 2016

Halloween lantern tutorial

This is a tutorial on the Halloween lantern cutting file

This file includes a JPG, PNG, STUDIO3, SVG, EPS and DXF file.
Also read this blogpost "What file to use for which software", and take a look at the second table "Best files to open".

Cut the file format of your choice and you will have 2 parts.

If you want to add vellum on the inside, cut and glue this first. In stead of vellum I sometimes use greaseproof paper.

Fold all folding lines and glue the sides.
When the glue is dry follow these steps to close the bottom:

Fold this part down

Put the points inside

And put the last part in

Close the bats by sliding them into each other

After closing all 4, first hold the loops together and fold the 2 other parts over the loops.

And your lantern is ready!

Never use real candles or fire!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!