11 March 2017

Heat press - baseball caps

Another weekend of trying something new, the cap press.
Removing the plate and adding the cap press was easy.

I ordered some cheap baseball caps in several colors, just to try.
My first try was with normal flex and soon I found out my image was too big for the press, so I had to rotate the cap a little to press all sides. The result was fine for a first try but smaller images next time.

Then I wanted to try glitter htv for a cap for myself. The cap was straight but I wanted to press it before adding htv. I found out that a 6 panel cap got crinkled after pressing because of the stitch in the middel.
I pressed and and increased pressure to get it straight again. Then I added the htv but I think the stitch was still too high because my htv moved (the right side of the V in the middle). The letters i and a did not stick well too...
It's fine if I go for a run, no one will see the mistake LOL...

This is the result of my first 2 caps.

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