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20 February 2017

8 in 1 Heat press machine

After posting a picture of my heat press machine at Instagram, I got a lot of questions and I will answer them here.
I never had one, so I will tell you here what I know so far.

I bought this press at Ebay (click the picture to follow the link)

I bought it in Germany, but I have seen a lot of the same presses available for other countries.

I did not only check the reviews at the sellers page, I also used google and the reviews were great!
So I ordered it and it took 3 long days before it arrived...
It was firmly packed so it arrived in great condition.

Then finally weekend and I did a first try. I always try my htv on a dishcloth.
The first problem was the temperature, it was too low. OMG what is going wrong? Read the instruction manual!
The included instruction manual is a short description and I realized the press is in Fahrenheit. I have read you can change it to Celsius, but I still don't know how. (I just contacted the seller)
So I first made an Excel list from Celsius to Fahrenheit and I found out it is almost doubled.
I tried with the Fahrenheit settings and it worked great!
My first try was a zip hoody with normal flex htv for my husband, to wear on his quad.

It took so much time designing, cutting, temperature settings and measuring (where to put it, is it straight), that this was the only project for the first weekend.
On both sleeves I first pressed a folding line and then put the flex htv on it so it would be straight on both sleeves.
The file on the back could have moved a little higher, I was looking too much at the hood, but he is happy with it, so I am too.

Last weekend I tried the baseball cap press. I will soon write more about my first try with the cap press.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

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